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the new extreme-right wing ministers of a «leftist» government


As we all know, after the 20th of September, in Greece a new government was formed by the «left» party SYRIZA and their far-right allies Independent Greeks. Currently, all of the left, in Europe and in Greece are discussing why the leftist forces that oppose austerity are facing a so severe defeat. It’s a big debate that we can not analyze here. But here I would like to introduce you to three of the best of  greek Ministers of the new goverment at the current moment. Many activists (including myself) in Greece in the past warned that euro-skepticism in Greece is a chance for the Greek right-wing and far-right politicians to present themselves as the «saviors of the people», because it increases the level of patriotism in the country and combines patriotism with the rhetoric of the movements. People are used to think patriotism as part of their lives. But even those activists who had these concerns never imagined that such people will be ministers. But what are we talking about?

Α) We are talking about the new Minister of Development «Dmitry K.Kammenos from the party Independent Greeks. It is interesting that Dmitry K.Kammenos was a famous member of I.G from the beginning of the party, and he was a deputy in the past. But most people do not know about the past of this man. Dmitry K.Kammenos is not just a member of the right-wing populists IG, he also belongs to the ultra-right faction of the party. He was an officer in the Greek army. In the past he has said many times that «freedom of LGTB people is Eurofascism, that Europe makes Greece to vote for «faglaws «and etc. Many times he offended gay people in his official Twitter using derogatory terms in his statements. Also, without any «provocations» many times attacked verbally on the Internet, activists who are involved in the Greek Gay Pride Athens. Especially this year, he openly and harshly criticized the members of the fascist Golden Dawn, for not attacking Greek Athens Pride, and said that they are «not real men» (sic!). In addition to its open homophobia and sexism, he is known for his anti-Semitism. Many times he accused the left-wing and anarchist activists that they are working agents in the various Jewish and Zionist organizations. He also once again in the past, during a tv talk show said that he does not believe in the Holocaust of Jews during WW2. He was one of three people who in the past have demanded the abolishment of Greek bill by which the denial of the Holocaust is a crime (the other two were members of the ultra-right organizations LAOS and Golden Dawn). Now he became a minister. A person of openly fascist orientation. How SYRIZA justifies this action? Again EU made them do it?

B) The other guy we are talking about is Marcos Bolaris. He is a former member of the PASOK (now SYRIZA) and the Minister of Health. During his government, he held the so-called draft «A23.» This bill was his personal project. According to the bill, sex workers with HIV are considered criminals. Then in 2012, ten women from Bulgaria and Eastern Europe were arrested and four of them are still in prison without the aid and medicines they need. Also, their faces were shown on television to warn all the citizens of their «danger» .Also this bill protects the identity of clients and pimps, because it believes that the responsibility belongs only to women who «work», even if they do not know that they are HIV-positive (or even if they were abducted and forced to «work»). Until now, the bill is considered valid.

C) The third great man who became minister of police is Toskas Nikos, a former general of the Greek army. Interestingly, the man began his career in the Greek army during the dictatorship(1967-1974) in 1971. According to Tsipras, he is one of the most adequate and impartial persons for this post because in the near future is expected wave of protests against the new austerity laws.

All of these people were in SYRIZA and IG from  very beginning of these parties. In the past, many times activists and activist warned everyone that SYRIZA is not a left-wing party, because from the beginning they have worked with and tried to form a common front with ultra right wingers and populists like these people. Many people especially in the former Soviet Union from various left-wing organizations have not paid attention to this fact, considering it a coincidence or «inevitable compromise.» What is happening now is a natural process and the consequences of SYRIZA, which were entirely predictable. No one raises the issue of why this happened, why such a «betrayal» by SYRIZA? Many tend to believe that there are other alternatives from the greek left. All of these alternatives in practice have no difference from SYRIZA, that is, they, too, possess a patriotic political rhetoric, the same that increased patriotism in Greek society, the same which delegated to the state all social direct struggle of the recent years. All these shortcomings of the Greek left-wing movements originate from the simplified views of Greek leftists that «if troika and the EU, is a tool of capital, that is, anything that is opposed to this policy is a tool of anti-capitalism.» Unfortunately it is not that simple.

UPDATE at the morning of 24/9/2015 Dimitris K.Kammenos resigned of his post of minister of networks and development because of the «fuzz» about his political views. In his post now there is an other member of Independent Greeks Panagiotis Sgouridis, a persnon who in the past(1 year ago) suggested that all graffiti artists of Athens are agents of Germany because «graffiti is «a german thing».


Markos Bolaris


Dimitris Kammenos

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Nikos Toskas



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